Conservative Candidate Alex Ruff opens campaign office with supporters

After 25 years serving Canada in the Canadian Armed Forces, Alex Ruff returns to his roots for the opportunity to serve Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound as the next Conservative Member of Parliament.

“I’ve spent my whole adult life in service. I’ve always considered it a privilege and honour to serve Canada and have always been proud to represent my hometown area. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the early guidance from my teachers, coaches, community and most importantly my family,” says the 44 year old retired Colonel.

Alex grew up on a farm just outside Tara and is no stranger to the unique issues facing a rural riding. He attended Chesley District High School (CDHS) and spent his summers farming and lifeguarding at the Tara Pool.

With multiple postings across Canada, he has developed a huge
appreciation for the vast diversity and challenges that face everyday Canadians. Alex has always maintained his deep connections to the local community through his involvement with the Tara Legion and local community events.

He frequently speaks to schools across the region, attends local Remembrance Day events and has even opened the Desboro Fall Fair.

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Ruff met with former MPP Bill Murdoch (L) and current MPP Bill Walker

“This is an opportunity for me to continue to serve and give back to my community for all the support they’ve provided to me throughout my career in the military. I learned the fundamentals of leadership, problem solving, the value of community and ethics on these local farms and on the track and courts of CDHS.  It was these lessons that I depended on when facing a multitude of challenging circumstances around the globe. I’d be honoured to continue my deep commitment
to service as the next Member of Parliament in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound where I can put my youth, experience and passion to work ensuring the constituents of this incredible riding are being represented,” added Ruff.

In 1997, Alex graduated from Royal Military College with an Honours Bachelors of Space Science degree, and went on to command troops as an infantry officer in The Royal Canadian Regiment. He has extensive experience with six operational deployments including the 1998 ice storm in Eastern Ontario and Quebec, two in Bosnia, two in Afghanistan and most recently in Iraq.

From his 2007 combat deployment to Afghanistan, he was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross by the Governor General due to his “outstanding leadership…in defeating a determined enemy.” Just recently, he returned home from a posting in Baghdad, Iraq, as a key leader in the international efforts to defeat ISIS terrorists in the region.