Fall Fairs continue – 162nd Arran-Tara fair unique

Fall Fairs are continuing throughout Bruce and Grey counties, the agricultural hub of southwestern Ontario where farmers meet the food needs of large urban centres.

Each fair is unique in its theme and, each year, the Arran-Tara Fall Fair, is especially different in that, instead of taking place on a weekend, it occurs in the middle of the week on Wednesday.

  Jr. Ambassador Hope Jackson      (R) and runner-up Andrea                            Koker

The fair began on the Tuesday evening before the big parade day with the popular ‘lawnmower’ races that take place on what was once the horses

The reason for the unusual timing is to allow the elementary school to close so that all students can participate in the parade and the fair.

This year’s theme, ‘Barns, Bales, Buttons & Blooms’ was, once again, all about the young people.  From the Children’s pet Show to the frog jumping competition, the 4H livestock judging and each grade’s ‘triathlon’ competitions, the fair is all about young people.

Fair President, Simon de Boer said that this year’s fair has had to make some adjustments.  “Our miniature horse show is not here this year due to a virus that is affecting the horses.  Also our sheep and goats are going through the same thing as owners do not want them to contract anything and then bring it back home.  So, in the end, with our 162nd fair, we have had to make adjustments.  This year, we have a carnival area with huge inflatables that the young people really enjoy along with face-painting.  We still have our 4H dairy and beef competitions that are very important for our young people.”

“Tuesday night attendance with the lawnmower races has been way up,” he added, “and the community support has been tremendous.”

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