Grey-Bruce COVID-19 testing and case counts reported as of May 17, 2020

Testing and case counts reported as of 15:30 hrs, May 17, 2020:

There are two new cases reported in past 24 hours in Grey Bruce bringing the total to 93 cases to date (current cumulative total).


  • 0 cases currently hospitalized
  • 0 deaths
  • 77 recovered cases
  • 24 cases reported in Health Care Workers working in Grey Bruce
  • 1 facility in COVID-19 outbreak Reported in Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes

There is one facility outbreak declaration pending.

  • Positive staff member being retested to rule out false positive Actions Taken In the Past 24 Hours:
  • The outbreak at Golden Dawn Long Term Care Home is declared over
  • Positive result in a staff member at Grey Gables Long Term Care Home as a result of universal testing with a second and third test of the positive case underway to rule in/out the initial positive result. All outbreak protocols, case management and contact tracing activities are in place. All family and staff have been notified
  • Grey Gables universal testing results to date: 94/95 Staff tested are negative, 1/95 Staff are positive;  67/68 residents negative – 1 test being redone as it was reported invalid