Grey Bruce Labour Council upholds Pride with donation

Labour Council President, Kevin Smith, reminds us that “Labour Rights are Human Rights”. In standing firm to core values of human rights, and as has been done since the inception of Kincardine Pride, the Grey Bruce Labour Council proudly continues to donate to Kincardine Pride. In addition to previous financial donations, in kind contributions and fund raising events for Kincardine Pride the Grey Bruce Labour Council is donating $350 today.

(L)Fort Papalia – President Kincardine Pride, Sandy Blackwood VP Kincardine Pride, Chris Stephen VP Grey – GBLC, Dave Trumble VP Bruce – GBLC and Gord Dunbar Kincardine Pride Secretary

Labour Council VP for Bruce County and Kincardine Pride board member, Dave Trumble, sees the ongoing support to Kincardine Pride and Labour’s broad support for Pride initiatives locally, nationally and globally as one of the most significant steps in pushing back against the reprehensible and repugnant hate motivated attacks on members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Trumble points out that although shrouded in all kinds of disguises, prejudice and bias against the 2SLGBTQ+ community is no different than racism, sexism and all the other pillars of hate and hate mongering.

In speaking about hate and intolerance, Labour Council VP for Grey County Chris Stephen, points to the fast-moving legislative environment in some jurisdictions where not only is the 2SLGBTQ+ community are under attack, but it can legitimately be said that all socially progressive entities are at risk. Further, to this, Chris notes that the Ford Conservatives and the federal Conservatives have already shown that they can be easily led around by the nose by those in bed with intolerance and hate. With a majority government, Ontario is one of these jurisdictions where regressive legislation; banning of drag shows and book banning or burning are within frightening easy reach of Ford and his myopic band.

Pride organizations, organized labour, organizations protecting reproductive justice for women, enlightened political and faith leaders amongst many more provide safe places for all vulnerable members of our society. Those espousing hatred, those legitimizing hate by enacting legislation that empowers the haters rather than making laws protecting the vulnerable, most often the youth in society, are without question responsible for much of the harm that befalls not only the 2SLGBTQ+ community, but anyone victimized by racism, sexism, misogyny, and general intolerance.

For these reasons, the Grey Bruce Labour Council is pleased to continue our support for Kincardine Pride and the mission of Kincardine Pride to promote a safer, just and non-discriminatory community. June is Pride month and Kincardine Pride will have a parade and a celebration where the Labour Council will volunteer. The Grey Bruce Labour Council also wishes all pride organizations success and looks forward to, as well as supporting, all of the 2023 Pride events all across our region during June Pride month.