Grey Bruce Public Health investigating Dundalk possible party contact list

The Grey Bruce Health Unit is investigating the extent of contacts by an individual, positive for COVID-19, who was likely shedding virus while socializing with students, and others, in Dundalk on Halloween night. Public health is in the process of identifying who might be at risk of transmission.

Due the incubation period of the virus, those who may be have been exposed from socializing with the individual are not considered to be shedding the virus themselves, at this time. Therefore, these people should not be going to assessment centres, nor self-isolate until directed to do so by public health.

There is no value in anyone being tested ahead of this. Results from early testing would be unreliable and put individuals at risk of more testing than is required

Furthermore, there is no need for extraordinary measures in the community, such as closure of facilities.

We are aware that some of the partygoers are students attending Grey Highlands Secondary School in the Municipality of Grey Highlands. We have been in contact with the school and Board officials, and there is no need for any extraordinary measures in the school. Those at risk of infection will be contacted within 24 hours. If you were at a party in Dundalk on Halloween night with a number of students, please check for messages from public health today or contact public health at 1-800-263-3456 ext 3000 or

Anyone NOT contacted by public health is not considered at risk and need not take any additional steps including asymptomatic testing.

Currently, there are no COVID-19 outbreaks, that is, evidence of transmission from person to person, in any schools or childcare centres in Grey Bruce.

Public health is the lead in all cases and case management. Determining who is a close contact is a decision that can only be made by public health. A public health case manager will contact anyone identified as a contact to the confirmed case, both in and outside the school environment.

The person who tested positive has been contacted directly by our COVID-19 Case and Contact Management Team and is self-isolating. We are working with that individual and the Bluewater District School Board to identify others, both in and out of the school environment, who may have been exposed and determine their risk level.

All contact tracing and determination of individual and community risk is made by public health. This is true of all cases, whether in schools, workplaces or the community. A health care provider or school official cannot make this decision.