Labour taking government to task with summer rallies

The Ontario government of Doug Ford is taking five months away from the Ontario Legislature. For Grey Bruce Labour Council President, Kevin Smith, “having a five-month break from the Ford government is not all bad, at least the harm they can do is limited, although we know when they return they will be in full scale attack mode again”.

MPP’s may spend some time in their constituencies during this time, but there is no doubt that Labour Councils will be working in these constituencies over the five months and beyond.

The Ford government has spent its first year taking Ontario backwards. The Ford record of placing friends and cronies in “plum” jobs, undermining and under-funding public services, attacking labour and employment standards legislation, weakening occupational health and safety law, placing development above the environment and much more is recorded and updated regularly in the Ontario Federation of Labour “Ford Tracker” Dave Trumble, Labour Council VP, at the recent rally in Kincardine called out the Ford government and his cowardly caucus as “truly not for the people”.

Labour Councils all around Ontario are making sure that Conservative MPP’s know that Labour Councils and their coalitions of concerned citizens are not going anywhere. The Grey Bruce Labour Council is staking its place in this activism. A 4PM rally is planned at, MPP, Bill Walker’s Owen Sound office on August 13th.

Summer may be a time when numbers at rallies may suffer, but the Grey Bruce Labour Council will be counted this summer and onwards. Doug Ford and those who stand with him and his caucus must understand that decades of social progress in Ontario will not be rolled back without meeting ongoing resistance.

If left unchallenged Doug Ford and his cronies will make Ontario unrecognizable. “The People” will not be the ones to benefit.

All union affiliates and concerned citizens are invited to the August 13th rally. The rally is set to run from 4-5PM.

Kevin Smith

 President,  Grey Bruce Labour Council