Long term care surveys reveal positive results

In a recent survey, Bruce County’s long term care residents and their families expressed positive overall experiences at Brucelea Haven (Walkerton) and Gateway Haven (Wiarton)Lon. In the fall of 2022, both homes conducted their annual resident and family satisfaction surveys, seeking feedback on key long term care services provided, and the results were very positive.

Category Resident (%) Family (%) 
Overall Satisfaction 94 92
Environment 95 96
Housekeeping Laundry 92 93
Food Service 91 92
Personal Care and Well Being 96 96
Recreation/Activities 94 83
Security and Safety 92 94
Convenience Services 93 89
Overall Assessment of home 95 94
Communication 100 92

“Bruce County Long Term Care Homes are committed to providing quality resident-centred care. We strive to provide our residents and families with choices that meet their unique needs and preferences,” said Megan Garland, Director of Long Term Care & Senior Services. “There are some areas in both homes where improvements can be made, including recreation and communication with families. Each home will develop an action plan in collaboration with Resident and Family Councils and regular updates will be provided to everyone.”

In total, there were 149 surveys completed, 76 from residents and 73 by families. This feedback helps the homes maintain their commitment to service excellence. The responses provide valuable insights into the evolving needs and expectations of residents and families. Families can continue to contact the Brucelea Haven and Gateway Haven Administrators with any questions and concerns.

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