MPP questions ministry letter on eve of provincial election

From Queen’s Park

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP today raised questions at Queen’s Park over a ministry letter offering $5,000 to Ontarians with complex developmental needs who have been waitlisted for funding. The letter was signed by Community and Social Services Minister Michael Couteau and sent on the eve of a provincial election.

MPP Bill Walker

“To my constituents whose 38-year-old daughter with Down syndrome has been cut off from supports and then waitlisted for Passport funding, this letter offering $5,000 on the eve of an election looks and smells bad,” Walker said. “They want to know why this government is offering token letters in the lead up to the June 7th election instead of fixing the egregiousyears-long wait list for support for people with developmental disabilities.”

Walker said that Sheri Karn of Neustadt was offered the money after the same ministry suspended her Passport funding, which ensures access to critical support programs and basic daily needs.

 “Sheri’s parents are very distraught by your government’s actions. First you punished their daughter for leaving Ontario to spend time visiting her brother who is in the Air Force by cutting off her supports, and then upon her return home, you wait-listed her for Passport funding.”

With 11,000 adults with disabilities waitlisted for Passport funding in Ontario, no one has any idea when Sheri will get any help.

“My constituents want to know, what is the ultimate reason behind this $5,000-token letter from the Liberal government to families whose children they wait-listed for funding?” 

Walker added not even the regional DSO office was aware of the $5,000-token letter. 


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