MPP welcomes bill to scrap Green Energy Act

Bruce Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker says he is proud the government is scrapping the Green Energy Act and lowering hydro costs for Ontarians.

  MPP Bill Walker

My constituents in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound have waited since 2009 to see this Liberal boondoggle cancelled, so we can get more affordable hydro bills and return local planning powers to municipalities,” Walker said.

The PC Government introduced legislation last week, known as Bill 34, to repeal the flawed Green Energy Act, including repealing provisions that forced unwanted wind and solar farms on municipalities and that gouged hydro consumers for electricity Ontario didn’t need.   According to the Ontario Energy Board and the Independent Energy System Operator, wind and solar added $3.75 billion in costs to electricity bills in 2017.

Wind and solar represent just 11 per cent of total generation in Ontario, but reflect 30 per cent of Global Adjustment costs that are borne by electricity customers

“Under the last government’s energy policies, rates tripled, manufacturing jobs disappeared from Ontario and families’ hydro got disconnected,” Walker said. “Those days are over. We promised to scrap the Liberal Green Energy Act – that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re giving municipalities a say about energy projects in their own communities, and we’re taking measures to lower hydro bills.”

The proposed legislation would give the government the authority to stop approvals for wasteful energy projects where the need for electricity has not been demonstrated. This would put the brakes on additional projects that would add costs to electricity bills that the people of Ontario simply cannot afford.