Pet of the Week: A striking one-year old – a perfect hiking or running partner

Gemma is a beautiful and really nice one-year old girl who could definitely use a break in life.

Unfortunately, through no fault of her own, she was not taught the basics and needs of general obedience on the leash and around people.

In spite of her lack of training, this girl wants to please and very much wants to be loved and is learning fast.

Her wonderful markings and colouring are a result of her pedigree of Shepherd, Collie and Boxer cross and she is looking for an opportunity to have what she lacked in her first year of life … direction and help in learning how to behave.

Gemma is an ambitious and athletic girl who would make a great hiking buddy. Given her energy, she is best suited for older children or adults until her training is refined.

For an appointment to meet this girl please give us a call at 519-372-1911.

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