Pet of the Week: A touching story – a happy ending for a senior lady

Grey Bruce Animal Shelter offers a safe place for pets that have no choices left.
“Sometimes, their owners have had no choice either. They, too, may have aged and had to move into a facility where their loved companions are not allowed or, in the final step of life, may have died leaving their pets behind,” says Shelter Manager, Deb Takeda.  “Whatever the reason, these faithful friends have no choice but to wait … wait for someone new to take them in and love them.”
Sometimes too, however, they come from very unusual circumstances that are unfair for anyone, human or otherwise, and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.
“Last week, we were saddened to say good-bye to Jango who was in such rough shape when he arrived that we had no choice but to provide him with a humane end,” says Shelter Manager Deb Takeda.
“This week however, we are happy to report on another dog that arrived at the shelter in very sad shape around the same time,” adds Takeda. “Keesha is a 14 year old Husky X and when she arrived at the shelter she could barely stand, was collapsing on even the shortest walks, was drinking buckets of water and it was going straight through her and she was clearly in pain.
Happily, in consultation with our vet we were able to get her on medication to ease her pain and help with some of her other problems. One of our great volunteers took her home to foster so she could be monitored more closely and get let out whenever she needed to go out.
Keesha has surprised us all by becoming quite mobile and very happy. She even tackled some stairs the other day, though that is being discouraged. She loves playing with her furry sisters and going on hikes to the barn with her foster parents. Since she has settled in so well, Keesha will be staying with her new family for as long as she has left.  This is such a happy story for this really sweet old girl who is clearly still young at heart.  It is situations like this that make our work here at the shelter worthwhile.”