Pet of the Week: Fall in Love-Change a Life-Adopt a Cat

Fall in Love – Change a Life – Adopt a Cat

We thought we would re-feature Suri, who has been in shelters for many years and was transferred from the Blue Mountain Animal Shelter when it closed.

Looking back at her name, Suri is a multi-cultural name.  In Hebrew, it means ‘princess’ and is a nickname for Sarah.  The Indian origin means ‘the sun’ and from Persian roots it is ‘rose’.  She is perfectly named – a sweet little princess.

“Suri has been with us for quite a few months now and is one of the two remaining transfers from the Blue Mountain Animal Shelter,” says Shelter Manager, Deb Takeda. “She transferred from the Blue Mountain Animal Shelter when they closed and she had been there for several years.”

She is an interesting cat and really unique looking. Don’t let that scowl put you off.  She isn’t young and at 10/11 years old, it would be nice if she could spend her senior years in a nice quiet home.

She is spayed and vaccinated and, while initially timid of people, she is very good with other cats. She takes a bit to warm up to people but patience will be rewarded.   An appointment is required to visit.
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The Shelter offers a safe place for pets that have no choices left.  “Sometimes, their owners have had no choice either. They, too, may have aged and had to move into a facility where their loved companions are not allowed or, in the final step of life, may have died leaving their pets behind.  Whatever the reason, these faithful friends have no choice but to wait … wait for someone new to take them in and love them,” says Shelter Manager, Deb Takeda.

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