Pet of the Week: Set in her ways, she prefers the outdoors

Grey Bruce Animal Shelter offers a safe place for pets that have no choices left.
“Sometimes, their owners have had no choice either. They, too, may have aged and had to move into a facility where their loved companions are not allowed or, in the final step of life, may have died leaving their pets behind,” says Shelter Manager, Deb Takeda.  “Whatever the reason, these faithful friends have no choice but to wait … wait for someone new to take them in and love them.”
Sometimes too, however, they come from very unusual circumstances that are unfair for anyone, human or otherwise.


“Usually we adopt out our cats as indoor cats,” says Shelter Manager Deb Takeda, “but every now and then we get a mature cat that seems set in their ways and really isn’t particularly happy as an indoor cat. This week’s kitty is one of those.”

Meet Momma – This tabby girl is approximately five years old. She came to us as a semi-feral cat and was a wet nurse to 13 kittens who all thrived under her care ranging in age from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. We’re pretty sure at least some of the kittens were her litter. The rest came in from the same source but she was the only Mom the people were able to catch and she valiantly rose to the task.  The kittens have all found homes now and while Momma tolerates the indoor life, it’s clear she would rather spend more time outdoors and hunting.  We think she would do well in a barn or shop environment with a job to do, a comfortable, warm place to sleep and people she can approach on her own terms.  Momma has been spayed and vaccinated and is ready to find a home.  Please call the shelter at 519-372-1911 for an appointment to meet Momma.