Pet of the Week: She’s a survivor

Grey Bruce Animal Shelter offers a safe place for pets that have no choices left.
“Sometimes, their owners have had no choice either. They, too, may have aged and had to move into a facility where their loved companions are not allowed or, in the final step of life, may have died leaving their pets behind,” says Shelter Manager, Deb Takeda.  “Whatever the reason, these faithful friends have no choice but to wait … wait for someone new to take them in and love them.”
Sometimes too, however, they come from very unusual circumstances that are unfair for anyone, human or otherwise.


Meet Ocean, a sweet little tabby whose story will tug at your heartstrings. Ocean and her mom came to the shelter scrawny and starving and looked as though they’d been through a rough encounter with another animal.
“We don’t know if she was the only kitten in her litter, or if her siblings didn’t make it,” says Shelter Manager Deb Takeda.  “After a couple of vet visits and some time to rest and recover, she and her mom Roxy are both healthy.”
While Ocean will always have a mangled ear as a reminder of her scary start, she’s now a boisterous and playful kitten and ready for a happy life with a loving family.
Ocean is approximately twelve weeks old and up to date on her vaccinations.
Please call the shelter at 519-372-1911 for an appointment to meet this sweet girl or any of our other kitties.