Scholarships available for 4-H youth

4-H Ontario is pleased to announce that with the generous sponsorship of the Walker Wood Foundation, a post-secondary scholarship opportunity is available for 4-H Ontario Ambassadors.

The 4-H Ontario Ambassador Scholarship is available to current year 4-H Ontario Ambassadors that are pursuing post-secondary education to support their financial security while acknowledging the effort they exhibit in their role as a 4-H Ontario Ambassador.

“This is an amazing opportunity to further support the young people involved as 4-H Ontario Ambassadors who dedicate so much time and talent to sharing the 4-H story across Ontario during their term,” says Marianne Fallis, 4-H Ontario’s Senior Manager Programming. “The support from the Walker Wood Foundation is greatly appreciated by 4-H Ontario and the Ambassador team.

“Walker Wood Foundation are delighted to assist some of the fine, hardworking and dedicated members of the 4-H Club with their post-Secondary Education”, says Susan Wood, President, Walker Wood Foundation.

In 2021, Faith Emiry, 4-H Ontario Ambassador from the Sudbury District 4-H Association, was the recipient of the scholarship. The 2022 4-H Ontario Ambassador Scholarship will be awarded to a 2021-2022 4-H Ontario Ambassador in February 2022.

The 4-H Ontario Ambassador program is Sponsored by FS and is 4-H Ontario’s premiere leadership program where up to six youth are selected from the 6000+ 4-H Ontario participants across the province as representatives for the organization for a term of one year while having the opportunity to grow their public relations, leadership, and facilitation skills.