Testing and case counts reported as of 15:30 hrs, November 16, 2020

Testing and case counts reported as of 15:30 hrs, Nov. 16, 2020:

Three new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours in Grey Bruce (3 – Southgate) bringing the current cumulative total cases to date to 224 with 33 active cases.

Active Probable Cases that are not lab confirmed, but linked to an active case will be reported on in the near future in addition to contacts associated with active cases.

·         177 recovered cases; 14 cases referred to other health units
·         0 case(s) currently hospitalized
·         0 death(s)
·         34 cases reported in Health Care Workers working in Grey Bruce

In order to remain in the Green classification, we must stay vigilant with COVID-19 precautions. 

We have been seeing a deeply concerning trend of a significant increase in the number of cases locally, and in the number of close contacts of these cases. These findings are indicative of fatigue related to following public health measures. It is important that we re-focus our energy on the basic measures that can keep us safe – the same ones that got us through the spring first wave, including: the 3 Ws of Washing hands frequently, Watching distance (ideally 6ft), and wear face covering correctly.

There are no outbreaks reported in Long-term Care facilities or retirement homes, shool or childcare centres.0 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak.