Government’s priorities aligned with his constituents says MPP Bill Walker

Cleaning up the hydro mess, protecting students, ending hallway medicine and restoring accountability to government are highlights from today’s Throne Speech at Queen’s Park.

 MPP Bill Walker says Premier Ford’s plan is aligned with the people’s priorities in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

“We’re delivering on the mandate that the voters gave us. As promised, we’re cancelling the cap-and-trade tax that’s hurting consumers and slowing down growth in Ontario. Cancelling the tax will result in lower prices at the gas pump, on your home heating bills, and on virtually every other product that you buy here in Grey and Bruce and across Ontario,” Walker said, “and we are cancelling unnecessary renewable energy projects to help lower your electricity bills.”

 Walker said the government is also ending the university strike.

 “It has gone on for far too long and the ones being hurt the most are the students, including those from Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound,” said Walker.

 Walker said he and the party campaigned on five priorities and today they’re making good on those promises. Beginning with the resignation of the Hydro One CEO and all its board members, the new government at Queen’s Park has sent a clear message it is ready to deliver change for Ontario.

“Every decision puts the interests of everyday, hard-working people first,” said Walker.