Laundromat guidelines during COVID-19

Now, that Ontario is in Stage 2 of reopening in the pandemic, there are those who use laundromats and where there are recommended guidelines.


1. Wash your hands before touching any laundry.
2. Keep 2 m (6 ft) away from others in the shared space. If possible, consider how ventilation in the laundry area can be improved by opening windows and/or doors with permission from facility management. a. Some facilities may limit how many people are allowed in at one time (refer to retail occupancy guidelines). b. Respect this and be patient. c. Do laundry during off-peak hours.
3. Wipe down controls, handles, and fronts of machines with a disinfectant before using.
4. Do not shake out dirty laundry before placing in washer.
5. Wash hands after loading washer and placing coins in machine.
6. Wash clothing with regular laundry soap and the warmest temperature possible. You do not have to add bleach. Do not overload the washer.
7. Transfer wet laundry to dryer and dry completely at the highest temperature possible. Dry laundry completely.
8. Wash hands after transferring wet laundry.
9. Do not leave dirty laundry or laundry bins on top of machines or tables.
10.Disinfect laundry bins before filling with clean clothes.
11.Wait to fold clean laundry at home.
12.Do not leave dryer doors open when not in use.
13.Wash hands when you get home before folding clean laundry.