Loyalty to one’s country is part of your faith say Muslims recognizing Remembrance Day

My name is Farah Ahmad and I belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community which has launched its 12th annual “Muslims for Remembrance” campaign nationwide.

“Loyalty to one’s country is part of your faith”

Many of us come from different parts of the world and established a life here in Canada. This country has offered us countless opportunities and privileges. In return, we are obligated to work hard to preserve the integrity of this country.

One must always remember that, for a Muslim, where one lives and enjoys one’s residence is the place that deserves the utmost loyalty. Not only as an act of kindness or gratitude but because it is acknowledged as an integral part of faith and religious practice. This was the standard which was set by the prophet of Islam, Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon Him) with his words ““Loyalty to one’s country is part of your faith.”

On this day we remember and honour our veterans who gave their lives in the line of duty. We reflect on their courage, sacrifice and service. At the same time we also remember and pray for the family members who were left behind as the bearer of scars.