National Non-Smoking Week: Supports and resources available

National Non-Smoking Week runs this week, from January 15 to 21, 2023. Grey Bruce Public Health is marking the occasion by highlighting ways local residents can access cessation supports and resources.

“Smoking cigarettes and vaping both have serious health risks that are deeply concerning to Public Health,” says Dr. Rim Zayed, Physician Consultant at Grey Bruce Public Health.

“Commercial tobacco use is the leading cause of premature death and disease in Canada. Almost every organ in the body is impacted by cigarette smoke, which can contribute to chronic diseases from heart and lung diseases to cancers. The health harms of commercial tobacco can also impact non-smokers through second and third-hand smoke. Vapes and e-cigarettes, meanwhile, generate aerosols that contain potentially toxic substances, which can be harmful to a person’s health.”

Grey-Bruce residents are more likely to use commercial tobacco products compared to the provincial and national average, according to the latest available data from Statistics Canada. In 2019-20, about 16.6% of Grey-Bruce respondents aged 12 and up reported smoking cigarettes daily.

Youth vaping is a growing concern, with one study showing 13% of youth aged 15 to 19 in Canada reporting having vaped at least once over the previous 30-day period. Studies show that youth who vape are more likely to take up smoking.

Quitting can be hard, and can take many tries, but every attempt takes a person closer to quitting for good.

During National Non-Smoking Week, Grey Bruce Public Health will be sharing information on its social media channels about the benefits of quitting as well as available cessation supports. Public Health’s website also contains information and resources related to smoke-free and vape-free living.

Free cessation supports and resources are available through Family Health Teams and Health Centres (for rostered clients) and the Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre, as well as online through Stop on the Net and the Ottawa Community Model for Smoking Cessation.

For more information, visit or call Grey Bruce Public Health to speak with a member of the Tobacco Team.