Nature photographer turns to astrophotography

“It was a great night last night!” says Mike Tettenborn.
Tettenborn, a nature photographer who specializes in birds, has turned his attention to night astrophotography.
In the recent Owen Sound Field Naturalist (OFSN) October newsletter, he said that he enjoys getting outside and enjoying the night sky and on October 4th, he captured an Andromeda with nine exposures.
The best thing about astrophotography is not in taking the pictures or playing with the equipment, which I love, but it gets me outside and simply enjoying the night sky.
“I am okay with the results but I have lots more research to do and looking at things to try to help improve them.  With this image I pushed things a little further. 3 minute exposures, 1000 iso, full aperture f6.3, 350mm. Was only able to get 9 exposures and no darks. Dew and then camera battery died stopped things. Need a small portable power pack and band heater next.”