Paisley – the Artistic River Village

Paisley is on its way to creating a new brand … the ‘Artistic River Village’.  

Under its new branding, the community is hoping to attract artists with a vision to creating an artistic centre.

Two artists who recently visited have transformed a number of buildings with their artistry.  Alfredo Libre Guttierez and Martin Ferreyra from Mexico City.

                                                           Libre Guttierez

Libre Guttierez is a renowned artist and architect whose work is exhibited around the world.  What he does with paint, on walls and in the streets all over the world makes cities beautiful but also, and maybe even more importantly, his work makes people pause.  From Paris to London, Los Angeles to Cuba, his works create a vibrancy that instills an appreciation of art, culture and colour.

Passersby stop to look at his majestic large-scale public pieces and with them he is often asking viewers to experience a part of their community they might not have thought about.  In Paisley he created a vibrant, traffic stopping mural that included input from the community.  From a six-year-old to a senior in a wheelchair, everyone had the opportunity to pick up a paintbrush and add to the art work that now adorns the building that houses the LCBO.

His work with young people and his time volunteering to lead community art workshops are a testament to his wholehearted commitment to the transformative power of art. What an incredible gift it is to walk through the streets of any city and find his work there and, now, Paisley, Ontario joins those on the list of having a Guttierez mural. Since 2003, he has facilitated community art workshops using creativity as a tool for social change and has worked with numerous young people’s groups, an adult male prison in Mexico city and young people at risk of homelessness.

Martin Ferrerya was born in Cordoba, Argentina and studied psychology at the National University of Cordoba.  He now resides in Mexico City. 

Although his work includes breathtaking murals, he is also an artist in ceramics and has created unique ceramic Totem Bowls and also collaborates with other artists and brands including HP and Nike.

In Paisley, he transformed the building adjacent to Bud Rier Chevrolet and also the community’s Library.

For both artists, it was their first time in Canada and each said that he is looking forward to returning in the future.

While art encompasses painting, it also includes music and, as part of its movement toward the arts, Paisley now also has pianos along the the main street where anyone can try their musical skills.

Another mural adorns a wall – artist unknown