Saugeen Conservation undergoing Strategic Plan and Rebranding Initiatives

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority is seeking to refresh its long-term strategic direction and to create greater social impact in the watershed community by developing a new brand, alongside a new strategic plan to focus programs and services through 2025.

“Our new brand will reflect our strategic priorities regarding watershed management, stewardship and education, while maintaining our mandate of flood forecasting and ensuring development does not happen in hazardous areas,” said SVCA Chair, Maureen Couture.

The re-branding and strategic planning initiatives are expected to take place throughout the majority of 2021, with their anticipated completion in Fall 2021. Both processes will focus heavily on engagement and consultation internally with staff and the Board of Directors, as well as with our municipal partners, stakeholders, and the public. Over the next several months, the Authority will be working with stakeholders and the community to help prepare a strategic plan that will chart the future priorities for the organization.

The formal launch of both rebranding and strategic plan initiatives begins with a survey which has been created to solicit feedback from conservation partners, stakeholders, and the public. This survey is intended to acquire opinions and suggestions that will be used in the next steps of both initiatives.

A link follows below to the survey which will be available until 11:59 PM on Sunday, March 21st. Please take the time to provide your opinions, thoughts, and suggestions to help chart the future of the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority.

Your input will be invaluable.