A muted Labour Day Celebration to honour frontline essential workers

Another Labour Day under the dark cloud of COVID-19 does not mean that Labour Day is not as meaningful as every Labour Day preceding it. Due to the sacrifice of frontline and essential workers, Labour Day under such circumstances is in all likelihood more relevant than most past Labour Days.

Labour Council President Kevin Smith reminds us all, “Keeping us fed, keeping the lights on, teaching our children, tending to the sick and injured and many more key services were not delivered by CEO’s or the one percenters during the pandemic, but by the very people that were taken for granted until the global pandemic arrived.”

Muted by the pandemic, the Labour Council is planning a COVID compliant gathering at the Gazebo – Queen’s Park Bandstand (1st Ave. W. near Tom Thomson Art Gallery) in Owen Sound. Although September 6th is Labour Day, the gathering will be on the September 5th (Sunday) from 2:30-4:00PM. A few speakers will be present, and it is hoped that this will keep us committed more than ever to a bigger and better celebration in 2022 and beyond. Food Bank donations will be welcomed.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is grateful to the communities that will happily show their support for Labour Day – Brockton, Owen Sound, Arran-Elderslie and Kincardine, by flying the “Celebrating Labour” flag. The Labour Council also asked other communities to fly the flag, but sadly they declined or simply ignored the opportunity to demonstrate support for workers in their communities.

“Labour Day is a day of celebration and contrary to vast numbers of misconceptions it is a day to celebrate the contribution of all workers,” says Labour Council VP for Grey, Chris Stephen.

“The Labour Council anxiously looks forward to 2022 with high hopes of parades and picnics,” says Labour Council VP for Bruce, Dave Trumble. “Our partners, the Unifor retirees, and all labour council affiliates, friends and allies look forward to our Port Elgin parade and Unifor Family Education Centre celebratory lunch and prize draws.”

It is hoped that even with a much quieter Labour Day gathering on Sunday September 5th that the affiliates, friends and allies of Labour will drop by the gazebo.