A safe back-to-school return being planned in Bluewater

With the start of the 2020 – 2021 school year quickly approaching, Bluewater District School Board (BWDSB) is developing the plan for a safe return of students and staff.

The Ministry of Education has provided school boards across the province with the option of offering a staggered entry. Bluewater District School Board will be utilizing this opportunity by staggering entry to help ensure a smooth transition for students and staff.

The following chart outlines the days that students will be attending school during the week of September 8, 2020. For example, the first day of school for JK/SK and Grade 9 students will be September 8, Primary and Grade 10 students will begin on September 9, and so on.

*Students in self-contained classrooms (Special Education) may attend every day.

Remote learning will commence on Friday, September 11, 2020 for families who have selected this option.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule, please feel free to reach out to your child’s school on or after August 24, 2020.

“I would also like to remind you that we are continually updating the ‘return to school’ Q and A on our website at www.bwdsb.on.ca/Parents/Return_to_School as new details become known in our ongoing planning. Any additional questions you may have related to the Q and A can be directed to our dedicated email account, ReturnToSchool@bwdsb.on.ca, where a member of our planning team will follow up with you as soon as they can,” says Lori Wilder, Director of Education. “We thank parents and guardians for their patience, understanding, and support as we prepare for a safe return to school in September.”