Deadline approaches for CIP and Community Grant program

The Municipality of Grey Highlands is accepting applications for the Community Grant Program and Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The intake period for both funding opportunities closes on September 15, 2022.

The Community Grant Program aims to recognize the many benefits groups, organizations, and individual volunteers provide to the Municipality by promoting and improving the community’s cultural, social, and economic well-being. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements for submission as outlined in the Community Grant Program policy. Requests must help address at least one of the following goals: Economic Prosperity and Innovation, Cultural Enhancement; Environment and Diversity; or General Social Enrichment.

The CIP is available to business and property owners looking to contribute to community revitalization and achieve economic, community planning, and urban development goals. The CIP program provides a menu of incentives to promote and support priority development and revitalization projects, which align with the Municipal Strategic Plan and goals of Council. All applicants are required to meet with Municipal staff for a pre-application meeting to discuss eligibility and project-specific requirements.

For more information on these grants, visit or email