Grey Bruce Labour Council calls on unions to attend Kincardine Pride parade

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is proud to be counted as one of many sponsors of the upcoming Kincardine Pride Community Event.

Labour Council VP, Dave Trumble notes that “Organized Labour has long supported Pride events. Ontario unions have marched side-by-side with the LGBTQ community to secure legal, social, and economic rights such as:

  • Protection from workplace harassment and discrimination;
  • Human rights & protections for immigrants and refugees;
  • Same-sex marriage and adoption;
  • Safe and healthy workplaces; and
  • Equal access to decent wages, benefits and pension.

When it comes to the community at large, Labour Council President, Kevin Smith wants people to know that “Pride events bring together not only the LGBTQ community to secure all the aforementioned but seek out all equity groups and sectors of the community. Getting and keeping a good job; safe, respectful communities; health benefits for us and our loved ones…these are all LGBTQ and equity seeking group issues and we need strong labour unions to get them”.

In supporting and participating in Pride Events, the Trade Union Movement through unions and working people can join together to win better wages, benefits and a voice on the job. The power of a strong and vibrant trade union movement has also been crucial to advancing LGBTQ equality and the equality of equity seeking groups.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is the voice of thousands of workers in Grey and Bruce Counties and the Labour Council offers profound congratulations to the organizers of the Kincardine Pride Event. All affiliated unions are invited to march in the event on June 22nd, 2019 and to bring members along with flags and floats.