Inter-library loan program restored

MPP Lisa Thompson

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson is happy to announce that after extensive consultation work, library users will continue to enjoy the same level of service as they have come to expect at their local libraries including the reinstatement of the inter-library loan program.

The Ministry Tourism, Culture, and Sport, the Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service – North have identified opportunities to modernize and find efficiencies from within their operations without affecting frontline library services. Additional funding has not been provided to either organization – their budgets remain the same as originally provided in the 2019 budget.
“I know how important this service is to rural residents and to my constituents,” Thompson said. She added that she made sure responses, regarding the value of local library services, she had received at her local constituency offices were shared appropriately.
“This is good news,” Thompson added. “Local access to a wide variety of literature will continue to be available across the riding,” she concluded.