Kudos … & NOTs! by ‘The Stix Man’


Let me set the stage here.

First, I’m a retired golden ager, raised in the area on a farm. I have some medical issues. Diabetes, that has affected me in several ways including eyesight problems, plus some other issues. Also, on February of 2017, I had a stroke that caused balance problems. It was not one side or the other but in all directions. At that time, I could hardly maneuver with a walker but have worked back to using a cane or walking poles, which I refer to as sticks. I use the sticks when I’m walking out ’n’ about

A few weeks ago, there were still some snow banks along the sidewalks, I was walking south on Goderich St. when I came upon a work truck, digging equipment and two workers in a trench. One of them yelled out, asking me if I had room to get through or that he would move something to let me by. I said I was fine and thanked him. Kudos to Aecon for having caring staff like these fellas.

As the weather has gotten nicer, I’m out walking more times. This means that I need to take breaks, especially as the temperature and humidity rise. At times, I will rest against a tree, a post or lean against my sticks, keeping my balance. Several times, I’ve had drivers stop and ask me, if I’m alright or need some help. Kudos to these people for their thoughtfulness. Hey guys, it was mostly women.

When walking on the sidewalks, I find that the majority of people will give you ample room to walk.

Kudos to these considerate ladies and gentlemen. These are also the same people that hold doors for you.

& NOTs

This list is shorter than the Kudos and hopefully stays that way, maybe even eliminating some of the Not(s). Unfortunately, I’m going to have to pick on our next generation of adults, our high-school age kids.

Again, weeks ago, still snow banks along the sidewalks, I would walk to or from physio on Gustavus St. (high-school street). Depending on the time of day, I would meet several students, going one way or the other. Not everyone, but most, did not move from their walking path and I would have to stop, move to the side, to allow them to pass. People have said that it is because of social media & electronic devices. To me, this was not the case as I hardly saw a cell phone. To bring attention to the situation, I would say to them “Hello”. Very infrequently, would I get a response. With their hoods on their sweaters pulled around their heads, they just continued their zombie-like walk.

I find that they will often be 3-4 people wide on the sidewalk downtown, occupying most of the width and NOT relinquishing an inch.

What is the answer? Maybe a new high-school course on etiquette, consideration, respect, politeness & common sense? There are adults that need to sign up also.

As Canadians, we are known for our Hello(s)and politeness, so let’s all of us work on this. Make Saugeen Shores a synonym for Smiles. Let’s have those KUDOS and eliminate the NOT(s).

I will be out looking for Kudos but I’m afraid, I might also find some Not(s). If you see me out walking with my sticks or maybe sitting in one of our nice Main Street white chairs, say Hello. I’ll be around town, especially the SW quad and don’t be afraid to say Hello, to others, out ‘n’ about.

Until the next time have a great day & keep smiling … “The Stix Man”