Non-resident thinks Brockton Mayor is tops

To the Editor:
Please be aware that the Community of Brockton has a wonderful Mayor in Mr. Chris Peabody who, when receiving my previous letter – took the time to actually phone me to see if my needs were being met concerning the Long Term Care situation, of which I was asking his help to rectify the emotional torture we, as a society were enforcing on our elderly.
Now here is the clinch: I AM NOT A RESIDENT OF BROCKTON.  I live in Chesley.  My dad is at the Brucelea Haven in Walkerton. Hence, you know that I am not able to vote for Mr. Peabody !
So, his help to me was not in the vested interests of any election or re-election. But I tell you this: HE GETS MY VOTE !
Of a decent, caring , responsible Mayor and human being!  Brockton is indeed blest.
Kudos to him!



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