Surgical scrub caps project comes to an end … for now

                    Lion’s Head hospital staff

By Friday, all of the cut-out scrub caps will be distributed for sewing. This will be the end of the sewing part of this project.

Rev. Dar Rath says, “I don’t have a final count but will let you know once they are all distributed (somewhere around 4,500 I think, a definite milestone). Also, our group made 958 masks for the hospitals to give to patients and for Kabaeshiwim Respite Women’s Shelter. I am going to keep back $200 and 3 yards of material just in case there is another wave of COVID-19 and folks are asking for more. One organization and one individual has offered to help fund us in the future if there is a need – for fabric and buttons.”

By the end of the next two weeks, all of the hospitals and all of the nursing homes and four dentists offices will have a good supply of caps. That is 10 hospitals and 18 nursing homes!  

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“When you are finished sewing the caps please bring them to me and we can give the people putting on the buttons a lot of action … then the folks who do the deliveries will finish it off,” says Rev. Rath. 

In some ways I feel a bit sad that we will be coming to an end for now. It has really given us a purpose – doing something for those who are working so hard on our behalf. It has been an honour to have been a part of this! We have been working on this project for exactly 6 months,” adds Rath.

Front-line workers have shown their appreciation for the dedicated efforts of the volunteers.

Rev. adds that, “These are the folks that helped with financial assistance along the way: Jane Kramer, Southampton Hospital Foundation, Southampton Rotary club, Mary Ann Bousquet, Power Worker’s Union at the Bruce, Bruce Power, Owen Sound Hospital Foundation for the masks, Becker shoes donated the packing boxes. In the beginning, people in the community and in Owen Sound hospital and Southampton Rotary gave us buttons and many folks dropped off fabric from their stash.  Sandy Lindsay was the voice of our community and beyond and is our cheerleader – so amazing!!! In the beginning in March/April Pat Dobec, with her extensive e-mail list  rounded up folks who had fabric and buttons for us … to keep us going. Margitta Lange for elastic and buttons. There are so many others to thank that there isn’t room on the page.

We are truly blessed to have been a part of this incredible team – this grass roots project – now 54 of us! We are blessed and we are a blessing to others.”