Western Clean Energy Sorting and Recycling Facility officially opens to reduce low-level nuclear waste

Laurentis Energy Partners (LEP), in partnership with EnergySolutions Canada, officially opened its new 42,000-square-foot facility in Kincardine on Friday, October 20th.

(L) Jason Van Wart (Laurentis Energy), Jeff Richardson (Energy Solutions), Kincardine Mayor Keith Craig,                    Chris Ginther (OPG) & Diane Foxton (representing Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson)

The facility has been designed to minimize low-level waste associated with nuclear energy generation.

Built for Ontario Power Generation (OPG), the Western Clean Energy Sorting & Recycling Facility (WCSR) focuses on sorting materials such as protective clothing or small tools from OPG’s nuclear generating stations. It supports OPG’s efforts to reduce waste volumes through processing, segregation, and by diverting more nuclear materials through methods that include re-use and recycling.

By reducing the volume of low-level nuclear materials, this operation decreases the need for new storage buildings and reduces OPG’s environmental footprint.

Developments between LEP and McMaster University’s Clean-Energy Materials Sorting and Recycling Initiative in Hamilton, Ontario, have been incorporated into the facility.

Built by Dancor Construction Ltd., the facility operates under EnergySolutions’ Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) license and provides radiation safety compliance and management for the facility.

“Nuclear power has been a mainstay in Ontario’s energy system for the past 50 years and will continue to play a critical role in powering electrification and economic growth,” said Chris Ginther, Ontario Power Generation’s Executive Vice President of Business Strategy and Commercial Management. “This innovative facility will allow OPG to support the three Rs, which includes further reducing nuclear’s already small environmental footprint by minimizing the number of low-level materials in storage.  We anticipate that the demand for electricity will triple by 2050.  There is energy insecurity around the world and nuclear is a secure and clean energy source.

“Laurentis is pleased to continue to drive innovation in nuclear materials management for our clients,” said Jason Van Wart, President and CEO of Laurentis Energy Partners. “The official opening of the WCSR marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge nuclear energy solutions. The facility will enable the efficient sorting of low-level nuclear materials and we’re pleased to have brought this integrated solution to the nuclear industry.”

“EnergySolutions is proud of the partnership we have established with Laurentis and OPG in this endeavor. Our joint success here is a reminder and example of our deep commitment to teamwork in Ontario’s nuclear industry and how fundamental it is to success,” stated Jeff Richardson, Chief Operating Officer for EnergySolutions. “This facility is a clear demonstration of the power and potential of working together, each partner playing to their unique strengths and experience to deliver vital services to the province. We look forward to working together and exploring future ventures to serve OPG’s nuclear business and our common goal of Net Zero.”

“On behalf of Council, staff, and the residents of Kincardine, I would like to congratulate Ontario Power Generation, Laurentis Energy Partners and EnergySolutions on the grand opening of the Western Clean Energy Sorting & Recycling facility,” said Kincardine Mayor, Kenneth Craig. “The addition of the WCSR will provide valuable jobs and represents continued innovation and advancement in our municipality, furthering our position as one of Canada’s leading communities in the energy sector.”

Kincardine Mayor Keith Craig (L) presented the Business Recognition certificate

Diane Foxton, representing Huron Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson, delivered her message that “This partnership represents the leaders in clean energyI am confident that this legacy will only grow stronger and will have a ripple affect on the economy of Huron-Bruce and is posing our counties for prosperity in the future.”


About Laurentis Energy Partners:  Laurentis Energy Partners, a subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation, delivers cutting-edge and reliable nuclear energy solutions for clients globally. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Laurentis offers expertise in inspections, refurbishment and engineering, nuclear materials sorting and recycling, the production of nuclear isotopes, and the advancement of small modular reactors. Laurentis has offices in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton and Bruce County in Ontario, Saint John in New Brunswick, Regina in Saskatchewan, and Bucharest and Cernavoda in Romania.  Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @laurentisenergy or at www.laurentisenergy.com

About EnergySolutions Canada:  EnergySolutions is a global leader in the safe recycling, processing, and disposal of nuclear material and offers customers a full range of integrated services and solutions, including, decommissioning, decontamination, site closure, transportation, nuclear materials management, processing, recycling, and disposition of nuclear waste. With decades of experience, EnergySolutions serves government and commercial customers in the nuclear, environmental, and energy sectors. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to manage complex nuclear challenges. EnergySolutions Canada has been supporting the Canadian nuclear industry for over 45 years with dedicated operations in Ontario.  For additional information about EnergySolutions visit www.energysolutions.com