World Water Day Celebrated at Walkerton Clean Water Centre

To celebrate World Water Day, the Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) welcomed more than 600 children from across Grey and Bruce counties during the week of March 18 to learn about water related issues. WCWC, with assistance from the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority, led students through hands-on activities where they learned about water protection, conservation and WCWC’s role in safeguarding drinking water across Ontario.

Feedback from students was great. “I really liked learning the importance of not polluting here because it can affect other places”, said Ashley Le Mon from Spruce Ridge Community School.

World Water Day is held annually on March 22 to focus attention on the importance of water and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. “It is far too easy for us in Ontario, and Canada, to take our water for granted, when over one billion people on this earth have no access to any water source that has not been improved at all. It is critical that our students recognize that and work hard at protecting our privilege,” said WCWC CEO, Carl Kuhnke.


WCWC welcomes visitors who would like to learn more about drinking water and WCWC’s role in the province to ensure its safety. To schedule a tour, please contact us at 519-881-2003 or 866-515-0550.

 Background: WCWC is an agency of the Government of Ontario, established in 2004, to help ensure clean and safe drinking water for the entire province. WCWC coordinates and provides education, training and information to drinking water system owners, operators and operating authorities, and the public, in order to safeguard Ontario’s drinking water. To date, high-quality drinking water training has been provided to more than 82,000 participants across Ontario. Through partnerships, WCWC also provides training for the 133 First Nations communities in Ontario. For more information please visit