Capturing your Weather – January 31, 2019

Everything is in ‘shut-down’ mode in Bruce and Grey counties due to a persistent Arctic air mass that has blanketed the region and most of southwestern Ontario.  Windchills tonight are expected to drop to -35C.

Hwy 21 closed at Southampton to Owen Sound and in the other direction as far south as Goderich


White-out snow conditions have closed almost every highway in the region along with schools and cancellations of events in the hundreds.






If there were an ‘Oscar’ for snow removal, the staff of Saugeen Shores would win hands-down as they fight valiantly to keep ahead of the snow squalls and do an incredible job!

Snow is removed as quickly as it is plowed into                 major banks between squalls

Southampton main intersection – Hwy. 21       and High St. “clean as a whistle” between                                               squalls





Rowland’s your Independent Grocer in Port Elgin was coated in snow – a delivery truck got through before roads closed but getting out may be another matter!