Invisible Wounds Conference

To the Editor:

I am writing requesting assistance in informing your readers who would like to learn more about developing skills to assist with dealing with work-place stress, compassion fatigue, trauma, substance abuse, or who have been impacted by mental illness about a conference that is being held July 11th, at the Best Western Plus, Walkerton. This is a non-profit event, proceeds to Wes for Youth and #IVEGOTYOURBACK911.

 It is in response to questions from individuals if the general public can attend the Invisible Wounds Conference for Health Professionals, and the answer is yes. Hearing the presentations will benefit anyone with expressed interest in mental health. The overall goal of the conference is to increase awareness, and decrease the stigma associated with not only having a mental illness, but the fears of being judged by members of the community even when in a very healthy recovery.

Details on Conference, Speaker and their Presentations is on 

Independent Mental Health Professional

Deborah MacDonald R.P.N., BA
Independent Mental Health Professional