Town of South Bruce found guilty of destroying endangered species habitat

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula has been found guilty of destroying the endangered Piping Plover habitat on two occasions that put their survival and recovery at risk by a decision made by Justice of the Peace, Charles Anderson,

The ruling shows that the town’s violations of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and disregard for the endangered birds’ survival, will not be tolerated by Ontario’s courts. Today’s decision also shows that in April and September of 2017, the town made a clear choice to destroy important shoreline habitat.

Earlier this year, the Ontario government weakened the ESA. However, the charges the town received pre-date the province’s legislative changes, and show that the previous wording of the Act was effective at protecting Ontario’s most vulnerable species.

“We congratulate the enforcement efforts of the staff at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and hope that future dialogue with the Town of South Bruce Peninsula will be productive in protecting the endangered piping plover,” says Environmental Defence.

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