New Perspectives: September Sunset by Rev. Heather McCarrel

This past Monday evening, the Monday of Labour Day Weekend, we enjoyed the sunset at Sauble Beach.  As we silently sat on the park bench, the sun steadily lowered itself into the distant horizon but not without vibrant shades of peach, pink and soft white.  We know that as the sun sets on one horizon it is rising on another.

So, as we drove home in the gathering dark our thoughts turned to preparing for the week ahead, meanwhile; the sun was brightening the morning horizon for others.

As the world turns on its axis, at 1,000 miles per hour, the sun rises, and sets and rises again.   It is a reminder of how fleeting our days truly are; weeks becoming months seemingly in a blink of an eye.

Now, as we head back into the busyness of September and our calendars fill with appointments, meetings and constant routine, may we remember to pause daily to acknowledge the divinity that surrounds us all and may this presence ground us in God’s enduring peace, joy and love.

Rev. Heather McCarrel