Spring Is Breaking In!


photo by Carl Schlabach with permission/Unsplash

No matter how much the north wind blows, or the snow piles up, spring can’t be stopped!

I see it in the flocks of returning birds, the lengthening of daylight, and the dripping of the icicles.

The arrival of spring became especially clear this past Sunday while on a hike. Just as we rounded the path there stood a tall bush proudly donning pussy willows in bloom.  We had to stop and tarry awhile, snapping photos and admiring all that they represented.

In these little gems I heard birds singing, felt the hint of a warm breeze, saw fresh laundry flapping on the clothes line and lace curtains dancing in the window.  Nothing says “spring” more then lace curtains dancing by an open window!

March can be a discouraging month with one day warm and welcoming and the next full of wind and snow. I always imagine it is a tug-of-war between winter and spring, but spring always wins!

Just when we think colour may never return to the earth we find phlox, tulips, snow drops and hyacinths popping up over night! As Rev. Virgil Kraft writes, “Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”

May you find little gems of spring along the way; tokens of the beauty that lies ahead.

Rev. Heather McCarrel,
Port Elgin United Church